A welcome note to people with family difficulties.

I started out writing this as a module site for US students and then I realised that folks in Ireland would probably start reading it for reference purposes. Dont rely on this web site for legal advice. There is no substitiute for the advice of a trained lawyer. There is some information already in the public domain that I am happy to share with you folks!

A few notes before we start our journey;-

1. Read the terms and conditions on this site before proceeding.

2. If you have any comments about the website send me an email. Please note that I do not answer legal questions. Ask your solicitor.

3. If you would like to get a solicitor contact the Law Society in Ireland. They have a full list of everyone. Give them a call.

4. If you are going through a separation and find it stressful go to your Doctor as a first port of call.

5. Look after yourself, mind your health, excercise where possible, eat well, stay off alcohol and recreational drugs.

6. If you have issues such as domestic violence or anger management check out the contacts section of this web site.

Remember, there are plenty of support services out there to help you. You are not alone in this process.