Before you read this web site read the following.

If you are planning to separate from your spouse or partner there are some matters you should first consider;-

Is there any reasonable prospect of a reconcilliation between you both? If so would it not be better to try counselling first before taking any legal steps? At any rate your family lawyer will advise you of the alternatives to separation and divorce.

It is advisable to seek marriage counselling from services such as accord before making any decisions in relation to separation or divorce.

If you are in any way experiencing problems in your marriage counselling is advisable. Accord also provide marriage counselling services. If in doubt please contact your G.P. and ask them for a referal to a suitable counsellor.

As you will no dobt become aware from reading this website Mediation is highly reccomended. The state has a public mediation service that does great work. There are backlogs and the service is heavily under resourced at present. The are also private client mediation services available from various mediators throughout the country.

Collaborative law is also the buzz word at the minute. It provides a real alternative to contentious legal disputes in court. Many lawyers who are collaborative lawyers are also trained as mediators.

The last point that I would like to make is the following. Look after your health if you are going through a separation or a divorce. Consult with your doctor, watch your diet and excercise when reccomended to do so.