So What is Divorce? When can I apply for one?…Read More

Legal Advice

Do I need a lawyer? Can I do my own Divorce?…Read More


What is Mediation? Are divorcing couples going to mediation first?…


How do we protect ourselves and our family in Divorce.

Planning is King

The key to completing a successful Divorce is based in two key components. “Organisation” and “Proper Provision”. Parties going through a Divorce/Separation need to ensure that they have organised all their affairs in a clear and transparent manner. They also need to ensure that proper provision is made for their children and for themselves as well…Read More

What to Organise

  • Our Property
  • Our Incomes
  • Our Debts
  • Our Pensions
  • Childcare Arrangements
  • The Children’s Education
  • Our Tax Status
  • Christmas
  • Holidays
  • Passports and Travel
  • Grandparents
  • New Relationships/Partners
  • Personal Items / Furniture
  • Amongst Other Issues..

Working for Families

Going through a separation or a divorce can be an especially difficult time. It can be all the more difficult if you are not organised in preparing your paperwork for formailisng your separation / divorce. This is coupled with the fact that you need to look after youself during this transition. You must look after your stress levels, diet and personal circumstances…Read More

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